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HT-TT-5 High Efficiency Desulfurization catalyst
Product name:

HT-TT-5 High Efficiency Desulfurization catalyst


HT-TT-5 High Efficiency Desulfurization Catalyst


1. Trade Name: HT-TT-5 High Efficiency Desulfurization catalyst

2. Chemical in English: HT-TT-5  High Efficiency Desulfurization catalyst

3. HT-TT-5 high efficient desulfurizer main chemical composition of Fe2O3

4. ChemicalCompound

5. Chemical identification: Desulfurizer

6. Chemical Group: Iron (VIII) Oxide


Physical Properties


Brown bar

Particle size /mm


Bulk density / kg·L-1


Average  radial compressive  strength  ofparticle /N·cm-1


Chemical Composition

Fe2O3+ Special additives and enhancers


Product performance

HT-TT-5  desulfurization Media  is a  new  and high  efficient  solid desulfurization Media, It uses a new skeleton structure material and consists of hydroxyl group iron oxide (γ-FeOOH)  that is the  active composition. The  HT-TT-5 desulfurization Media was produced by special technology and characterized by quick desulfurization speed,high sulfur capacity and impact resistance.


Temperature /

room temperature   50


normal pressure   8.0

Gas hourly space velocity / h-1


Height-diameter ratio


H2S concentration (in outlet) / mg·m-3


Operation Sulfur Capacity



Major applications

HT-TT-5 High  Efficiency  desulfurization Media  mainly used  to remove  H2S from natural gas, associated gas, syngas,  methane, coal gas, coke-oven gas and so on.  At present, the desulphurizer has been widely applied in industry.

Package and Storage

1. It is with  double layers woven bags , net weight:  30 kg each bag.(or It is  packed with the ton bag, net weight: (600±5) kg each bag. )

2. In transit, load and handle with care, shall not damage the packing, rain proof.

3. Stored  in a cool, low  temperature and dry  place. There is  a three-year product guarantee period at room temperature.





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