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Liaoning Haitai Scientific and Technological Development Co.,Ltd
Marketing office:31-floor 1 unit building No.1 Poly Ray New City, Wanghua District Fushun, Liaoning Province, China. Fctory: No.38 Qingtaizi Road, Shenfu New District, Liaoning Province, China

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About us

About us

Liaoning Haitai Sci-Tech Development Co., Ltd is located in Lishi Economic Zone of Fushun economic development zone in Liaoning province,China with production base covering 100,000 sq. m. It is an internationalized new and high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, industrial production and sales. It is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, sales and relevant technological service of petrochemical catalysts, purificants, precious metal, rare metal and inorganic chemical materials. Our company has many sets of catalyst external vulcanization and hydrogen reduction equipment, which can undertake catalyst vulcanization, reduction and processing of materials. And at the same time, we have independent right to import and export. 
Liaoning Haitai Sci-Tech Development Co.,Ltd. has established extensive business cooperation with many big famous foreign companies. We have developed, produced and sold tens of product variety such as organic amine series catalyst, solid phosphoric acid catalyst, ,gasoline kerosene diesel hydrogenation catalyst, paraffin hydrogenation catalyst, benzene hydrogenation catalyst, carbon six Deolefinization catalyst, carbon six hydrodesulfurization dearomatization combined process,  hydrogenation protection catalyst , methanation series catalyst, organic sulfur hydrolysis catalyst, desulfurization catalyst , arsenic removal catalyst, dechlorination catalyst, deoxidation catalyst, CO removal catalyst to the world and well employed in nearly one hundred sets of relevant industrial devices globally.
Adhering to the operational concept of “our products are complete and perfect, at superior quality and moderate price”, we are attracting more and more new and high-tech personnel and administration personnel worldwide to join us. 
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