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Liaoning Haitai Scientific and Technological Development Co.,Ltd
Marketing office:31-floor 1 unit building No.1 Poly Ray New City, Wanghua District Fushun, Liaoning Province, China. Fctory: No.38 Qingtaizi Road, Shenfu New District, Liaoning Province, China

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Products Center

HTDM-40 Mercury Removal Adsorbent

MRAS-1 Mercury Removal Adsorbent

MRACS-1 Mercury Removal Adsorbent

THFA-1 Catalyst for Hydrogenation of FA to THFA

Dry gas to ethylbenzene catalyst

HFL-1 Hydrogenation catalyst

HDAL-2 Supplementary refining catalyst

HDAL-3 Supplementary refining catalyst

PTP-20 Pyridine hydrogenation catalyst

Denitrification catalyst

IPAS-1 Isopropylamine Synthesis catalyst

EAS-1 Ethylamine Synthesis catalyst

Morpholine synthesis catalyst

HTA-1 Cyclohexylamine catalyst

IPAOS-1 Isopropanol synthesis catalyst

IPAOS-2 synthesis isopropanol catalyst

IPAOS-3 Isopropanol synthesis catalyst

SPAC-1 Solid Phosphoric Acid Catalyst

SPAC-1N Solid Phosphoric Acid Catalyst(olefin oligomerization and alkylation catalyst)

Hydrogenation catalyst HTB-45

C9RH-20S resin hydrogenation catalyst

SAC108 Series low temperature sulfuric acid catalyst

SAC101 Series intermediate-temperature sulfuric acid catalysts

T201S hydrogenation catalyst

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