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T-302 zinc oxide desulfurization adsorbent
Product name:

T-302 zinc oxide desulfurization adsorbent


T-302 zinc oxide desulfurization adsorbent is composed of active zinc oxide, manganese oxide and magnesium oxide. Active zinc oxide is main component. It has the ability of good adsorption of hydrogen sulfide and converting the simple organic sulfur compounds. In addition, it still has good desulfurization activity at room temperature and the desulfurization rate can reach 99.5%.
The product which is mainly used in synthesis ammonia plant of semi-water-gas as raw materials, removes the small amount of H2S and "reactive" organic sulfur in feed gas in low temperature shift stove to protect the low-temperature shift catalyst.
It is also used for desulfurization from natural gas, oil gas, coke-oven gas and rich gas of refinery coking which is hydrogenated and of coking gas refinery.

Physical and chemical properties:






Dark gray sphere or extrudates

loss on Ignition, %


Particle size mm

Ф3–5 orФ4*5-15

Zinc oxide content %


Crushing strength N/particle


manganese oxide content %


loss on abrasion %


Breakthrough sulfur capacity, %



Reference operating conditions:

Process parameters

Pressure MPa

Temperature, ℃

Space velocity hr-1

Water vapor / dry air  V/V

Normal pressure-3.0




Feed stock

Inlet sulfur (H2S)<100ppm

Output objects

Outlet total sulfur content <0.5ppm

Packing: 40 net weight iron drums innerlining double-layer plastic bags.



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