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Product name:

XI-1 xylene isomerization catalyst


XI-1 xylene isomerization catalyst is mainly used in the conversionfrom the C8 aromatics nonbalance mixture into balance components, from ethylbenzeneinto xylene. For different compositions of feed stock (for example: C8 aromatic hydrocarbons containing high ethyl benzene content ) and the requirements of different purposed products, the catalyst has good adaptability.If the feed stock changes, just adjust process conditions appropriately, it can produce p-xylene or o-xylene and p-xylene.The catalyst is a bi-function platinum-containing catalyst, taking high-purity alumina and special zeolite as carrier, with outstanding  activity, selectivity and stability. The catalyst possesses the characteristics of high activity, stability and selectivity. In the reaction process, it is not necessary to fill the chlorine, no corrosion to equipment, which makes operation simpler, meanwhile, avoids the environmental problem and other losses, which improves comprehensive economic benefits significantly

Physical and chemical properties: 

Chemical compositions:

Pt- zeolite -γ-Al2O3



Particle size: mm


Bulk density: kg/l


Crushing strength N/cm


 Percentage of power m%


Activity of catalyst:

Process conditions

Hydrogen pressure: MPa


Temperature  ℃


Weight space velocity: h-1


Hydrogen and hydrocarbon molecular ratio



MixedC8 aromatic hydrocarbon,C7-light hydrocarbon<1%,C9+ heavy hydrocarbon <500ppm,S<1ppm ,N<1ppm

Activity and selectivity

PX/ΣX m%


EB Conversion ratem%


C8 yield m%


Operating results of Industrialdevice:

The catalyst is used in a plant, start-up successes just one time.At the same time, stop  filling the chlorine andcorrespondingalkali washing system.The long-term industrial production statistics and evaluation as follows:

The single-pass yield of p-xylene improves from 0.137 tons to 0.150 tons,increases by 7139.8 tons/ year, save dichloroethane 63.94 tons/year. The increased net benefits is 20151290RMB.



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