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Product name:

HTZ204N steam reformer catalyst


It is specialized for steam reformer catalyst.                                     

i. Commodity description

Nickel as the active component, alumina as the main carrier,HTZ204 is a kind of second reformer catalyst, It has stable performance, good activity and high strength.

ii.Physical and chemical properties:



Geometric dimension: (outer diameter ×height ×inner diameter )

19 × 19 × 9 mm

Bulk density:    

0.9~1.0   Kg/L

NiO content:         ≥ 

14.00 wt%

loss on ignition  :   ≤ 

20 wt%

The percentage of low strength particles(the percentage of below 180N/particle)


Heat resistant index

No adhesion and fragmentation occurs after calcination at 1300for 2 hours

Heat resistant properties:

It can run in 1200for a long time,no melting, no shrinkage, no deformation,Stable structure and good strength in 1400high temperature .

Iii.Packaging and storage:

Catalysts are packed in iron drums lined with plastic bags.The net weight is 50 kg/drum .There are clear logo,including the production name, model, specification, weight (kg), and the name of production plant, etc. During transportation, it should be moisture-proof, collision and fall proof, and rolling handling is prohibited.

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