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Product name:

Dry gas to ethylbenzene catalyst



 DGEB-1 Dry gas to ethylbenzene catalyst

DGEB-1 catalyst has sour resistance and hydrothermal resistance. When use the catalyst, the feed gas from FCC can be directly synthesized into ethylbenzene without treatment. It has the same effect with producing ethylbenzene with pure ethylene as feedstock gas. However, the cost is lower . So it has very good economic benefits. This catalyst has been successfully applied in many industrial plants .
I. Physical and chemical properties:

Chemical components:




Particle size: mm


Bulk density:   g/ml


Crushing strength:   N/mm


ii. The activity of the catalyst.

Process conditions:




Volume space velocity:

Molecule ratio of Benzene to ethylbenzene





Raw oil

Catalytic cracking dry gas

Generated oil

The conversion rate of ethylene is more than 90%,the selectivity of ethylene to ethylbenzene is 7%-80%


iii. Operation results of industrial plants

DGEB-1 catalyst was used in a 30,000 mt /year FCC dry gas to ethylbenzene industrial test plant of a company, the first steam opening was achieved successfully. During the production assessment period, the catalyst was fully calibrated in the early, middle and end stages. The calibration results showed that all the technical indexes were close to the design values. The conversion rate of ethylene was more than 95%, the selectivity of ethyl benzene was more than 99%, the consumption of benzene was 0.761T/T ethyl benzene and the consumption of ethylene was 0.28T/T ethyl benzene. The activity of the catalyst reached the level of the fresh catalyst after regeneration, indicating that the catalyst has good regeneration performance. After a long period of operation, the product quality was stable, indicating that the catalyst stability is also good.

The complete set technology of Catalytic cracking dry gas and benzene alkylation to ethylbenzene has reached advanced level of world. The technology does not need special refining, has the characteristics of short process flow, advanced technical indexes and low environmental pollution. 


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