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Hydrogen peroxide catalyst
Product name:

Hydrogen peroxide catalyst


HP-E3 Hydrogen peroxide catalyst

Application the catlayst is Widely used in the process of hydrogen peroxide production, anthraquinone hydrogenation and desulfurization, acetylene removal in olefin, gas deoxidation and other chemical industry, medicine, environmental protection fields.

characteristicsLarge pore volume, high activity,good stability,long service life.

Molding with oil column method, the catalyst has the characteristics of good pore structure , large pore volume, large specific surface, aperture concentration and high strength, etc.Its pore structure is good, with large pore volume, large specific surface,Aperture concentration and high strength, Its activity is higher 20-40% than other catalysts. Because of high activity and stable precious metal components, it is not easy to depalladium and good stability. The catalyst has long service life (generally more than 5 years).
Physical and chemical properties:





Light brown cylinder

1.palladium content can be adjusted according to customersrequirement,  generally  hydrogen peroxide is (0.3±0.02)%
 2.The strength is average value and the particle size is large diameter







Bulk density,kg/L


Crushing stength: N/Cm


Particle size,mm




Performance index:



 production capacity

 3.3kgH2O2(100%)/kgcat.d(calculate in terms of 27.5% is 12kgs)


Anthraquinone consumption



the first three months,
average consumption 1.5kg/tH2O2(27.5%);3-12 months,
≤0.7kg/tH2O2(27.5%); after 12 months≤0.6kg/tH2O2(27.5%)

 Regeneration period


The activity recovers after regeneration ≥95%

Catalyst consumption


 Service life


initial activity




 The pressure drop of bed


 attrition rate:


 Fe content:


 AL2O3 content:


 Crystal type:

Y or δ+θ(Adjustable according to different applications)

 Pore structure:

 Pore volume:≥0.6ml/g, surface area: ≥120㎡/g

 The optimal operating conditions:

(1)Working fluid components:Total anthraquinone content ≥135g/l;

(2)Solvent ratio: Ar:TOP≌75:25(V/V)

(3)Bed Spray density: ≥80m3/m2/h

(4)Bed temperature: 40~75℃;

 (5) Bed pressure: 0.10~0.35MPa

Package:  drums lined with two layers of plastic bags or we can pack can pack according to customers requirements.




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