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Hydrogen peroxide catalyst
Product name:

Hydrogen peroxide catalyst


Product characteristic:

1. High hydrogenation activity, large production capability

2. Low operation requirement, long application life

3. Low production cost, few input cost.

Product Usage: It is widely used in catalytic hydrogenation、absorptive removal fields of chemical industry、medical industry、environmental protection, such as anthraquinone hydrogenation in the hydrogen peroxide production、desulfurization、olefin de-acetylene、gas de-oxy purification.

Performance Index:


 Item Name

 Specific Index

 Production Capability

 3.3kgH2O2(100%)/kgcat.d (account 27.5% as 12kg)

Anthraquinone Consumption

≤0.6kg/tH2O2(27.5%);among which the first 3 months,

average consumption is

1.5kg/tH2O2(27.5%);3-12 months,

≤0.7kg/tH2O2(27.5%); after 12 months≤0.6kg/tH2O2(27.5%)

 Regeneration Cycle

 ≥6 months, activity recovery after regeneration≥95%

 Accelerant Consumption


 Application Life

 ≥4 years

 Initial Activity




 Bed Pressure Drop


 Abrasion Rate


Iron Content


 AL2O3 Content


 Crystal Formation

 γ or δ+θ(adjustable to the usage)

Pore Structure

 pore volume cubage≥0.6ml/g, specific surface Compare area≥120m2/g

 The optimum using conditions

(1) Working liquid component: Total anthraquinone content≥135g/l;

(2) Solvent ratio:Ar:TOP  75:25(V/V);

(3) Bed spray density:≥80m3/m2/h;

(4) Bed temperature:40~75℃;(5) Bed pressure:0.10~0.35MPa

 Packaging & Transportation

 20kg Packaged by paper bag barrel or iron barrel with double plastic bags, and pay attention to moisture.


Product Specification: 


 Item Name

 Specific Index

 Other Description



 1. Palladium mass fraction is adjustable to the customer’s requirements, and the general amount of hydrogen peroxide is (0.3±0.02)%.


2. The strength is the average value, and the particle diameter is the maximum value.


 Light brown cylinder

 Palladium Mass Fraction,%


 Bulk Density,kg/L


 Crushing strength N/Cm

 ≥ 65

 Particle Diameter,mm


 Proportion of length in 5~20mm,%





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