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Product name:

Secondary reformer catalyst

1 Commodity description
HTZ204 is a kind of sec. reaction catalyst, based on the nickel as the active component with alumina as the main carrier. It is mainly applied to ammonia plant of secondary reformer of hydrocarbon and ammonia decomposition device, using the gaseous hydrocarbon as the raw material. It has good stability, good activity, and high strength..
2 The physical and chemical properties
1) appearance and size: slate gray rasching ring
2) geometric dimension (inner diameter  ×outer diameter  ×height):   9 × 19 ×19 (mm)
3) bulk density: kg/L  1.10~1.20
4) heat-resistance: long-term operation under 1200℃, non-melting,non-shrink,non-deformation, good structure stability and high strength.
5) chemical composition ( % )
 NiO ≥ 14.00; SiO 2≤ 0.20;AI2O3—55; CaO—10; Fe2O3≤0.35; K2O+Na2O≤0.3;
 Burning loss weight≤ 20
6) crushing strength N/ particle ≥ 400
7) the percentage of low-intensity particles(the percentage of below 180N/particle):    ≤5.0%
8) heat-resistance indicator: non-adhesion and fracture in two hours at 1300℃
3 reference operating conditions
1)pressure: 0.01MPa-0.10MPa
2)temperature: 750℃-850℃
3)service life:2years min.
4 Packaging and storage
 Available in iron barrel innerling  plastic bags, net weight per drum of 50 kg. Outside the barrel, making a clear logo,including the production name, model, specification, weight (kg), and the name of production plant, etc. making sure product quality certification in the drum.
 The following item should be paid attention during the transportation: mositure-proof, anti-collision, anti- falling, and rolling carry prohibited. Product should be stored in dry warehouse.
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