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what are zeolite molecular sieves?

what are zeolite molecular sieves?

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Zeolite molecular sieves are crystalline structures that, on a molecular scale, are not unlike sponges. They have a solid framework, defined by large internal cavities where molecules can be adsorbed. These cavities are interconnected by pore openings through which molecules can pass, and because of their crystalline nature, the pores and cavities are all precisely the same size. Depending on the size of the openings, they can adsorb molecules readily, slowly, or not at all, thus functioning as molecular sieves -- adsorbing molecules of certain sizes while rejecting larger ones.
The ability of these molecular sieves to attract and sort molecules is also affected by the electrical charge or polarity of the molecules being sorted. Synthetic zeolites possess the unique ability to selectively adsorb molecules by size and polarity. This is the key to their unusual efficiency as agents for drying and purifying liquids and gases. Such abilities also serve as the basis for separation.
Synthetic zeolites can be manufactured to provide a wide range of desired adsorption characteristics or selectivities, and can be used as a separation tool for numerous commercial applications.
Traditional molecular sieves work as desiccants, adsorbents, and ion exchangers.
Our company,Liaoning Haitai Sci-Tech Development Co., Ltd. can offer a variety of high silica zeolites for non-traditional applications, including the removal of organic bodies that can cause odors or affect taste within food and beverage packaging.
To find out what zeolite molecular sieves can do for your company, contact us today by e-mail or call our sales office .
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