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what are aluminas?

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Aluminas are a family of aluminum oxides (Al2O3) that can take many forms. As a general term, “alumina” refers to the lower temperature transition alumina forms. The most common use for aluminas is in the manufacturing of aluminum, a metal commonly used in beverage cans, automobiles, and many other applications where a lightweight, durable metal is required. HAITAI company manufactures and markets several unique aluminas for use as adsorbents and catalysts, as well as numerous other applications.
Activated aluminas are both high surface area beads and crushed products that are “activated” by a proprietary process to achieve specific surface chemistry and reactivity. Commonly used as adsorbents, desiccants and catalysts, the chemistry, size and structure of these aluminas are tailored to specific applications at HAIYAI’s plant in Fushun,Liaoning,china. Additives are also commonly used with activated aluminas to achieve even greater performance in certain markets.
Versal aluminas are a family of high purity alumina powders available in a variety of rheological and physical forms. They are used primarily as catalyst supports, washcoat slurries, and binders. Their many forms and uses have led us to name this versatile group of alumina products “VERSAL.”
The forerunner of the Versal alumina line was the “gel” alumina, a name which referred to the colloidal state of the powders. Through our ongoing alumina development, HAITAI has expanded this array to include pseudoboehmite, gamma and bayerite aluminas, all with varying densities and dispersibility ranges. In addition to being a key component in many commonly used catalysts, HAITAI’s Versal aluminas are also used as adsorbents. They also play key roles in the polishing, abrasives and surface coatings industries.
To find out what our aluminas can do for your company, contact us today by e-mail, or call our sales office.