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Haitai Technologies Introduces New Products 1,6-diol

Haitai Technologies Introduces New Products 1,6-diol

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Our production technology has reached the international advanced level, product cost than the price of imported products in the domestic and international markets are very competitive.
1,6-diol is an important fine chemical raw materials in the chemical industry is widely used. 1,6-diol This English name 1,6-HEXANEDIOL, Acronym HDO., Is a non-toxic, odorless, white crystalline solid with good physical and chemical properties. 1,6-diol has been widely used in the production of high-quality light-curing agents, UV-curable coatings, electronics industry, polyester polyols, polycarbonate, urethane elastic resin, clothing with hot melt adhesive, pharmaceutical intermediates, food additives, polyester type plasticizers, thermal stability modifiers, quality hairspray and photographic film coating and other industries.