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Liaoning Haitai Scientific and Technological Development Co.,Ltd
Marketing office:31-floor 1 unit building No.1 Poly Ray New City, Wanghua District Fushun, Liaoning Province, China. Fctory: No.38 Qingtaizi Road, Shenfu New District, Liaoning Province, China

Post Code:113122 E-mail:sales@chinacatalyst.com

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Information list

The long-term cooperation agreement has been reached between Haitai Sci-Tech Development Co., Ltd.and Institute of Coal Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Haitai Technologies Introduces New Products 1,6-diol
Haitai companies long-term cooperation agreement with the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Shanxi Coal reached
Haitai companies to recruit Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Class of foreign trade and e-commerce talent
Haitai company has a number of highly active methanation catalyst exported abroad
A special Y-shaped molecule in the active production company Haitai
Liaoning Hartcourt second catalyst reduction apparatus with Hydrogen outer intends to put into operation at the end of March
Liaoning Haitai Sci-Tech Development Co., Ltd. successfully developed a burnt benzene hydrogenation desulfurization technology
Haitai company built a multi-purpose catalyst reduction apparatus with Hydrogen
A new type of highly active and environment-friendly methanation catalyst successfully developed
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